I got to spend the afternoon searching our house for my son's school library book. While it did give me a chance to sweep under the sofas and look under lots of furniture, it really wasn't how I wanted to use my time. I didn't have any plans really, but that definitely wasn't ever going to be on the list. At this point, my guess is that it was returned to the city library instead but that's just a guess.

Thankfully, mid afternoon my UPS guy showed up with a box for me. My first precut fabric order!
I also ordered this:
I can't remember if I had plans for it or if I just thought it was cute.

I finished the slip cover this morning. Well, mostly. I still need to figure out to finish the cushion. Maybe it's time for me to learn how to install a zipper.
As you can see, Grace already scrawled on it--several months ago while it was folded up on the back of the chair. Probably should've washed it again, even now that I'm done, but I was just so happy that it was done, it fit, and looked good that I don't want to take it off right now to wash it.

That's enough for now. Today's our anniversary and as soon as we can drop the kids off at church we are headed to Benvenuti's. Thank you Groupon!


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