We're not in Kansas Anymore

Today at breakfast my daughter asked me about this weekend. She asked me what I did in Kansas. As I was getting up for the third time to get her something else she needed, I told her. "I went to a place where I got to eat yummy food that I didn't make and didn't have to clean up afterwards. No one said they didn't want to eat it. I got to make lots of things. I got to look at some cool stores and meet fun new people. And I never had to get up from the table while I was eating until I was done. " To which my husband replied, "We're not in Kansas anymore." Yep.

I always have to make a mental adjustment after I come back from a vacation, and this one was no different. I started working on some of my projects--but they take longer when you don't stay up all night to work on them and need to go to an office for at least half the day. And do non-"creative" things there. I'm adjusting though. The weekend is coming and I have a quilt to finish!

Also had to banish the cat to the enclosed back porch indefinitely. Despite our best efforts, she keeps peeing on our stuff. I do not have time in my life to wash the entire set of bedding every night. The last straw was that her bathroom problem progressed to, umm, other stuff. Disgusting. So she gets to camp out for a while. Maybe she will grow to love the fresh air and close proximity to her actual litter pan.

Sunday night I decided to start working on a chair slipcover. I have had the fabric for it draped on the chair for several months, but since the kids had started using it for a play toy (and I don't want to replace it), I took advantage of the creative burst of energy and got to work.

The fabric is a canvas drop cloth. I did prewash it and hope it won't shrink too much. Now I have photographic evidence of when I pinned it up. I just have to baste it and then sew it. No telling how long that will take. The quilt has priority. Oh, that quilt draped on the back is one I got in Kansas and will be a much less stressful (for me) play blankie for the kids than the granny square afghan I did have in the room. I've moved that to my room.

On Monday, Grace and I painted our fingernails. If you know me very well, you will also know this means that I first had to go and buy finger nail polish. I got some fun colors.
Mine are the same.

Isaac had a special chocolate project for school and chose to invent a new kind of chocolate. He made what he calls sour chocolate. He wanted to call it Skittle chocolate but I reminded him about the copyright. He used two kinds of milk chocolate chips and layered in some smooshed up frozen sour Skittles.
He put a layer on the bottom, middle and the top. They really taste good. I suggested that if he makes it again sometime he might make it flat on a cookie sheet and then break it into chunks. It would be easier to eat than the cube of chocolate. We cut each cube in half so everyone in his class can try one.

At lunch I went by the thrift store to see if I could find a shirt or two to take with me on my next trip. I need a long one with 3/4 sleeves. I didn't find what I needed but I did find this. It will look great with a new frame.

Also did some spray painting so I could frame one of my new prints from Meg, the rainbow "whatever..." one from Philippians 4:8. It is now hanging in my office. Still haven't decided how I want to frame the bird's nest one.

As promised, here is the link to the official Craft Weekend post. This picture is from here. My favorite group picture, though, is the one at the bottom of her post.

Coming on Friday, Isaac's (and our) 3rd grade field trip to the zoo. Should be a great trip. I love the OKC Zoo. We can feed giraffes!