The Zoo and the May quilt

We woke up Friday morning to rain. Light rain, but still rain. And the field trip was still on. I've been to the zoo lots--nearly every week at the end of last summer--but never in the rain. The weirdest thing about the zoo in the rain is that they don't let many of the animals out. I guess it's too hard to do the upkeep in the mud? I don't know.
First they went to a little class about animal transformations. That's my 3 year old sitting there with the 3rd graders. It helped that the lady was holding a turtle.

After that we could wander around for a couple of hours. At a semi-fast pace.
 I love the landscaping at this zoo.

We found a pavilion for lunch but it was still drippy.

 Bears don't care about rain.
They LOVED watching the otters.

She really liked the goats. The boys did too but I don't want to post pictures of other people's children, unless you can't see their faces well.

 One of the free range peacocks.

At about 1, we met up with the school group, dropped off the two boys who were with us and signed Isaac out so we could go look at the rest of the zoo. It was a much slower pace and I didn't have to worry anymore about anyone missing the bus.

Both kids took a nap on the way home. I wish I could have.

Saturday was wonderful. We didn't have to go anywhere that morning so I was able to clean and destack my bedroom. It had piles from Craft Weekend, a recent cleanup downstairs that I had just hauled upstairs rather than dealing with it, and a few odds and ends for my next trip. Really, it was a whole bunch of odds and ends, but it is now taken care of. As is most of the laundry, not Isaac's because he never took it down, but everyone else's. That evening we headed to my sister's house to hang out and go eat some pizza.

 They give the kids some dough to play with while they wait. Genius people.

Apparently my sister was inspired by Craft Weekend and is going to make a baby quilt for a friend, one that will be a favorite even when the child is older. I love her fabrics, much more subdued than I have used yet. The picture is a little icky but the quilt should be great. She plans to do one of these sew as you go strip quilts.

On the way home, my daughter decided to color her eyelids. I do not understand her sometimes.
Oh, and over to her side there? That is the afghan that my sister handed to her. Our great-aunt made it for her when she was little and she decided it was time for someone else to have it. I told her she should have taken it to Craft Weekend for Meg.

For Mother's Day, I finished the May Quilt. This one is for the 2nd grade girl I mentor. I've worked with her for three years. I think she is moving away this summer.

I tried to get it washed and dried before it was dark outside, but it didn't happen. Maybe I'll get some better pictures tomorrow.
As soon as I got it finished and into the wash, I headed out to Joann's to look for some more fabric. Grace went with me but was way more excited about the trip to the pet store afterwards. That is fine, since I only have one sewing machine. I do have a mini list of quilt ideas for the upcoming months, including one that my friend asked me to do for her with some family heirlooms, but I'm not going to predict which one I'll do next this time. I'm learning.