Around the World Part 2

I'm back again, and slowly getting rest. I've been enjoying summer with my kids the past couple of days, so I need to finish up these trip posts so I can share some of the pictures from THIS week.

The first of these pictures are from the last school we visited, a private school. I did not make any presentations here. I thought it was a wonderful, happy school.

 This was one of our translators, the one who worked with me during my presentations. He was great!

 I think this was a door down the street from the school.

 The front of the school.

 me and others participating in the drawing class

The next two pictures are from the bed and breakfast that we visited that evening for dinner. I bought a small rug from one of the ladies there, who made it on her loom. Amazing. I will post pictures of my attempts to help the global economy in a later post. Anyway, a couple of people in our group spent the night at the house, but most of us decided to stay at the hotel. I woke up these chickens while roaming around.
And found this toad. The ladies there thought I was quite funny carrying around this toad, which kept trying to pee on me.

The next couple of days were tourist days for us.

 This was a weekly market, the Saturday souk, for the area.

 At one of the stalls near the Cascade.

 Cascade D'Ouzoud

 Proof that I was on the trip.

A Barbary ape. I called it a monkey when showing these to my children, and was quickly asked, "Does it have a tail?" Apparently, according to a Veggie Tales song, if it doesn't have a tail it's not a monkey.

That evening we made it to Marrakesh.

We went back the next morning to do some shopping, but they wanted us to see and experience it at night. It was beautiful, but crazy crowded.

Part 3 will be more Marrakesh and then Paris. I've got a post to make about patience though, so I may not add part 3 til Friday.