Around the World Part One

I take a lot of pictures, especially when traveling. Landscapes and buildings and details and people and even my food. I can't really tell how good they are until I download them, so I just take a lot. So, it is tough to start posting these because I know about half way through, everyone's eyes are going to glaze over, no matter how much you care about me and the trip. I am only going to post my favorites, and will break it up to a couple of days at a time. That will make it easier on all of us. My brain is still not quite all here, although I am about over the jet lag.

 all of these bins are olives

 the first of many pretty doors

 sunrise on our first day of teaching


Our next day was at a different school, and was a bigger conference. Yes, it ended up being a kind of educational conference. I even got a certificate at the end. This was a beautiful location, which helped offset the stress of presenting my seminar three times here. Speaking through a translator helped immensely, but it was still pretty grueling, especially with the heat on the first day. After the first session, I walked out the door, saw the mountains and could breathe again.This is not the greatest picture of the view here, but you get the idea.

 the artists

 lunch on the second day at that school, beef with apricots tagine

on the ride back

More to come in the next day or two.


  1. Wow... what a wonderful experience this must have been! Your photos are lovely! I can't wait to see more : )

  2. awesome!!! can't wait to see more.


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