Summer has begun

We finally made our Summer list this week. Right now it is a list on a piece of paper.We saw an idea on a kid's meal sack at Chick-fila to write the items on clothes pins and clip them onto a bucket. Then you toss them into the bucket as you do them. We haven't done that yet. I can't decide if I want to use my clothes pins or grab a new pack. We have started on the items though with a trip to the donut shop to buy donuts with icing and sprinkles. Both kids got them but the boy did not want his picture taken.

They are heading off this weekend to a couple of weeks of grandma and grandpa time, a week at each one. I may have a tough time competing with that the rest of the summer!

On my next post in a couple of weeks, I'll show the June quilt. It's done (I needed to finish early) but not given away yet, so everyone will have to wait to see it. I have all the ones after that planned too, at least through September, including the fun good morning quilt for my friend Amy. I'm thinking the next few weeks will also provide loads of inspiration for the rest of the year!