Animals on the loose

Our cat has gone on vacation. She was missing this morning. I guess she decided it was too hot and went to the mountains, or maybe to the lake. Last time she left, about 5 years ago, she got stuck out in the ice storm and lost about 4 pounds. A neighbor found her a month later about a block away hiding under a car. She's always been a house cat and doesn't seem to have much street sense--but she did survive that. Supposedly indoor cats that escape stay within about about 5 houses of their home, unless they get scared farther away. But they also hunker down and hide. She's really good at that unfortunately. None of the animals were moving at that time of day, so I'll probably try again in the morning.

While I was out wandering around this evening looking for her, a guy on a bike passed me looking for his dog. I read a blog this morning about another cat that ran away and so I'm also wondering if these animals know something we don't. Is there a tsunami coming, or another dust bowl? A tsunami actually sounds halfway positive--at least it would be water. I guess I'll keep an eye on the pets we have left--not that I would know what to do if they all started acting crazy and tried to escape.

This is the other reason she may be on the loose (yes, these pictures are old): Grace

She kind of terrorizes the cat. She loves her but treats her a bit like a rag doll. The last time I saw Isabella was yesterday evening. I was in the back watering the turtle--and Grace was carrying the cat to bring it outside, in the slumpy way that 3 year olds carry a cat. I told her to put it back on our screened-in porch, which she did and then she came out with me to "help." Isabella either made a break for it then while Grace (and I) wasn't looking, or snuck out one of the pieces of screening that she keeps pulling loose and that I am too slow fixing.
I really like this picture. It looks like she is trying to read to the cat.