Catching Up

I downloaded some pictures today and discovered a few I hadn't shared.

For the 4th of July, we kept it simple. At lunch we went to a nearby lake for a picnic.

That evening I walked over to the Duck Pond with my son to watch the fireworks. I can't take pictures of them. I've tried  but just can't.

We had visitors the following weekend and this a pic of Grace helping me make the cake, a zucchini cream cheese pound cake from Joy the Baker's cookbook. It was really good.

We usually have a couple of free days each week to do something fun, something off of our summer list or a new idea. This Wednesday we went to the nature center at Lake Thunderbird and then headed out for a short hike. A very short hike. Even at 10 in the morning it was already blazing.

We saw these and other deer tracks along the beach. And then about 10 minutes more down the path, the deer darted out in front of us. I couldn't believe it. It was still young, with spots, but pretty big. We will go back in the evening sometime and try to see it again.

This morning I spent some time cleaning up the room I sew in, the blue room. I also moved a couple of items around so I could get better light. Since it was cleaner, I took a few pics. Some are a bit grainy so I'll have to take them again, but here are a few.
 These are the scraps, except for a basketful that don't fit these colors.

 These bins are different projects I am slowly putting together. The plastic bag on the left is the August quilt project. The overflowing one in the middle will be a scrap quilt from all those pink quilts I did.

 This box and the few pieces in front are my stash. I am trying to keep it small, just enough to fill in the gaps in a project. A few, like the Marvel piece and the two charm packs of Riley Blake's Seaside, are starters for other projects but I need to empty some bins before I can put them away. Or just sew them up.

Where I sew. I just moved it by the windows. I had it on the opposite wall because that is where the outlet is, but I can't use that outlet unless we replace it. It is plugged in with an extension cord from the next room, so I finally figured out that I could move it. I'm still thinking about how to cover that tabletop. It is hard to see with the black.

 Bits and pieces
I'll post more later when I get some better shots of the room, maybe when I post the pics of the July quilts.