The July Quilts

For this month, I finished two quilts. I could work on the other one, but really need to work on the design of the August quilt.

Quilt 1: Cowgirls

It looks a bit patriotic with its red, white, and blue. It began with Michael Miller's Lil Cowgirl fabric. I think the quilt pattern is Take 5. As I mentioned before, I'm not super thrilled with this one. I'm not sure if it is the denim, or the red, or just looks more traditional than I usually like. But now it's done and could be something to sell at the craft fair this fall. I still have a bit of the Lil Cowgirl fabric and may try to use it in a different quilt. I also loved the chick fabric but don't have any left.

Quilt 2: Cocoon

I like this one better. It is also quite summery, but lighter with the bright colors and offset white squares. As I mentioned before, it is made from two charm packs of Valori Wells' Cocoon fabric. The backing is a vintage sheet I found at the local thrift store. It is now sufficiently cut up that I don't feel bad about cutting it up more. The green and orange bindings are some fat quarters I picked up at Joann's at my last trip. And the white is just white cotton, or maybe Kona. It was scrap I had leftover.

Here are a couple more pictures of my making stuff room/library.

This is both ends of the south wall. All along the north wall is more storage and the decorative shelving. It's a bit more jumbly.

Have a restful Sunday!