She's back.

When I woke up this morning, I decided to head outside, in part to look for the cat but also to tackle some overgrown weed trees and trumpet vine I discovered while trying to look for the cat earlier this week. It is amazing to me that these plants grow like crazy while everything else (the plants I want to grow) is withering away. It was about 6:45 and one of the few times of the day that I thought any kind of animal might be moving around at all. I had also had some weird dream about wandering around in a huge department store trying to find a bathroom while my parents were wandering around trying to find me. I don't usually have dreams so I tend to think any dream I have is weird.  It did help me remember to get up and take a look around for the cat. Anyway, after lopping off some tree branches over our driveway, I decided to water the plants out front. I think the last time I watered them was two or three weeks ago--this may be why the things I plant tend to wither away. While watering, I look up and down our row of houses, thinking of places to look for the cat and then I hear meowing. It was faint at first but in front of me, and then soon louder and our cat was standing in front of me on the porch. Yea!

I put her back on the porch with lots of water and food and taped up the hole in the screen. After church, I gave her some canned cat food to help her gain back some weight, and then decided it was too excruciatingly hot for her to be on that porch. She is now recuperating in our bathroom--at least when I can keep our daughter out of there. You will also notice I put the tags back on, although I don't think she was walking around anywhere they would have helped.

Other things from this week:
Lots of fun at the pool

Grace cutting up fabric

working on a new quilt (sneak peek of the August one)

Isaac is working on one too. Apparently my quilt making is inspirational.

Looking forward to this week--setting up an apartment for a new ministry of our church, giving out some bikes (also at church), a trip to the zoo, and some more sewing. And I bet a few surprises too.