Three quilts I am working on:
One I am quilting. I sewed the top together for this much earlier this year. I had the Lil Cowgirls fabric for YEARS and finally decided to make something with it. Once I sewed it together, I didn't like it much and needed to sew another quilt for someone else, so I folded it up and put it away. I finally decided to just go ahead and finish it, halfway hoping that after I quilt it and wash it, I will like it better. We shall see.

One waiting to be quilted. This is the actual July quilt that has somehow grown siblings. It is hanging in the blue room, patiently waiting its turn.

One still in design. The fabric for this one is Valori Wells Cocoon and solid white from who knows where. I need one more charm pack, which should get here tomorrow. I made this (and another) design board last week, now that I have a vehicle large enough to haul something from Lowes. It is a 1" thick piece of insulation board. I still had to break it in half to get in the car, but that is a more manageable size to use anyway. I covered it with batting so the squares will stick without pins. I ended up using pins though since our ceiling fans are on and I wasn't sure how long this was going to be decorating our bedroom.

I ran three laps today. Around a track. I barely made that but was disappointed enough and disgusted enough to add the last one after watching my son run up and down and back and forth across the track bleachers.  I haven't run since before my trip and that was in an air conditioned gym, but still.

I don't know if this is a three but on Friday I took all of these tomatoes from our garden
and turned it into this tomato sauce
Maybe there were 3 cups in each bag. Or 4, but three fits better today. These are now in my freezer, ready for our next batch of spaghetti and meatballs, and pizza, and lasagna.

Trios also makes me think of singers. This Sunday at church, we had amazing special guests including the OCU Children's Community Choir and Kristen Chenoweth. As Kristen sang Upon this Rock, all I could think about was how spoiled and blessed I was growing up at First Baptist Church Tecumseh when I did, with so many amazing singers of all ages leading us in worship each week. Including trios like Sherry, Lisa, and Debbie, and many others.

The last trio that has been on my mind is one of those times when God speaks to me through completely randomness. About a week ago, one of the ladies in the office was trying to tell someone on the phone that I was walking through the office--I think it was someone trying to speak to me. What she said though was that I was "sauteing" through the office. And then she corrected it -- I was "soldering". After that she gave up so I suggested "sauntering?" 

On Sunday I read a book called The Road to Grace by Robert Paul Evans. I had picked this up at the library completely at random, hoping to find one fiction book to read. So random that I didn't notice that it was book three of a series. I read it that day and was surprised (and relieved) to discover it had a godly message. I usually end up reading children's fiction, partly because so much of it is wonderful, but also because so much adult fiction is just ugly. ANYWAY, at the very very end of the book, the main character is reflecting and says, "Who am I? Or perhaps a better question is, what am I? A refugee? A fugitive? A saunterer?"  and then proceeds to explain that the word saunter came from a term to describe people going on a journey or pilgrimage to the Holy Land. It continues to talk aboug grace and journeys but was so deep and truthfully bizarre ("saunter"?) at that point I stopped reading.

The next morning at work, a woman came and shared a bit about her life. For two hours. She talked through some amazing and devastating parts of her life, but continued to stress that her life was a journey with God. That each step in one direction influenced and led her to a step in another. I went home at lunch and read that last page. I've attached it here. God really wanted me to read it and to remember that I am on a journey with Him, surrounded by his grace.