This time it was my husband's birthday. We celebrated at home with some shrimp fettuccine alfredo and chocolate cake. The kids' gave him their presents that morning.

About a month ago on one of my trips to Joann's, Isaac started loading up the cart with some fabric to make something for his dad. We worked out the square size, then I gave him one of my design boards to use and he worked out a design.  He even helped me sew the strips--he liked my new sewing machine much better too.

 I did the quilting, but kept it pretty minimal, just following the edges of the squares.

Grace chose cookies for her dad, and mentioned that it would be ok if he wanted to share.

I got him a Rush BluRay dvd, one that he had asked for several months ago. We'll celebrate a bit more this weekend. With the extra day for the holiday on Monday, I realized I will have a 5 day weekend--awesome! It will be my first Sunday off since my trip to North Africa. Looking forward to all we have planned!