Last bits before school started

The kids went back to school on Wednesday. Both were excited. I did not bother to take any of those back to school pictures that seem to be popular. I did take some pictures in the days before school started, as we tried to finish up a few more items on our summer list.

We went to the Science Museum.

I was tired (I'm blaming the tetanus booster I had a few days earlier) and mostly just tried to stay out of the way of the fun.
We left in time for the afternoon snack so I headed to Kaisers for some ice cream.

The Dr Pepper float helped me pep up a bit.

On Sunday between church events, we headed to Andy Alligators Water Park. It had rained (yea!) so the water was super cold.

Before we left, Isaac asked me to go on the big curly water slide with him, in the double intertube. That was the best part of the whole trip. I promised him we would have a trip to White Water next year.

On Tuesday after work, we visited Papa and missed a visit with grandma. We also saw some lovely sunflowers in the field across from the facility.

And then school started. This has meant that my transition time of helping the new community minister really is a transition time of Angela trying to get all the Kid's Hope mentoring partnerships kicked off in a couple of weeks, finding new mentors, finishing up the apartment, and planning a welcome party. My brain has been buzzing this week.
I did check out the local thrift store this morning to check for any of the items we still needed for the apartment and found a great set of pots and pans and a colander. And for me I found these:
This is plastic but I think I could spray paint it. That would require me to decide on a color though, and that usually takes awhile.

 Grace is trying to claim this blanket to add to her growing blankie collection. We'll see.

These looked like good quilt backs and are WAY cheaper than comparable yardage.

Just a little bit of breathing room in an otherwise crazy busy day. Tomorrow--my first day off in a while (without kids) and I'm heading to OKC for a fun day with a friend.