quilting along

I started quilting my friend's quilt yesterday and quickly got frustrated. I tested the stitches before I stuck the quilt in and the walking foot on. They were beautiful. Then I started sewing and after about one minute the thread hung up and broke. I rethreaded, check the stitches on the back (ok, not great, but ok) and then started again. Same thing. I reminded my machine that I had a paycheck in my purse and was not afraid to spend some of it for a new machine. It straightened up a little and then ran out of bobbin thread. I can't usually tell this is happening until I have sewn awhile and see the trail of the thread. This time I had made it all the way down a LONG row.

I also realized that if I plan to quilt during the afternoon on a 112 degree day, I need to add a fan in the room. It is all windows, original 1920 windows, and is at the end of the ductwork for the A/C. It was getting rather warm. I was getting warm.

So I went downstairs to look at sewing machines online again and cool off. I emailed a couple of friends for suggestions (but of course did not wait for replies), looked at reviews all over the place and chose one. It is supposed to come with four extra feet, including a walking foot and one to do free motion quilting if and when I get brave enough to try that.

After I bought the machine, I went back up and my current machine started working much better. The new one will get here tomorrow. I hope it is more consistent and easier to work with. If I plan to keep making more quilts, including some to sell, I will need that.

So until I have pics of a completed August quilt or two, here are some blogs I check regularly for quilting ideas:

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