Algerian food

Friday was our first African meal. I started with Algeria since it was the first alphabetically, but will stick with the North African countries first. We watched a short video from the library, and Isaac did some research on the internet to get the country basics for the binder.

Our meal was Hot Algerian Lasagna with French bread, and olives on the side. The recipe for the lasagna was from the Global Table Adventure website. I used ground turkey rather than lamb.  I couldn't really find the lamb. I'll try again this week for our next country's meal. It made a huge amount of food for us--half is now in the freezer. I like it. It was spicy (too spicy for some) but I only used half of the cayenne.

And yes, we had red Fanta. When I was in North Africa, we were given lots of pop. I don't know if that is standard or because we were Americans and "that's what Americans drink."

Dessert was clementines, which apparently originated in Algeria, and dates.

That's it. Nothing too crazy. Just different enough to give me something different to cook and get everyone to maybe try something different to eat. 
The country for this week is Libya. Isaac had already been learning about that at school, since a classmate of his was returning there.

Tomorrow I will post pictures of September quilt #2. I'll be painting some cabinets too. Can't wait to have a brighter kitchen!


  1. Um...I'm coming over for dinner ASAP!

  2. oh also, I can get you lamb, just let me know


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