I had to make a new post. Looking at that top picture every time I clicked over was just too depressing. That pile is gone now. Now there is a mini pile of papers for her current project, a random frisbee, and a box of Barbies I just added to Amazon. But it is manageable mayhem right now.

I am now working three days a week while the kids are in school. This is slightly less hours than when I was working as the interim community minister. The biggest differences are that I don't have to go to the staff meeting and I am not "on call" on Sundays. Really I think that was the one ick about that time. Since the kids are in school that leaves me with two free days each week--one full day (until school is out) and one half day. I mentor on one of these. I have also loosely planned a rotating schedule for myself. The first full day was a field trip day. This was the day I went with a friend to Ingrid's and the quilting fabric store. The second day in the rotation was an all-day quilting day, and the third was a extra cleaning day. I attempted to steam clean my couches that day (didn't do it right), cleaned up some messes in the living room, and vacuumed. For some reason that took a long time.

The fourth rotation day, which was this week, ended up being the "work on the house" day, a day to tackle a couple of renovation projects. My dad helped me rebuild our back steps. Whoever originally built them made them a ladder rather than steps. Pre-made wooden stair treads don't come in the right length for our porch, so they just flipped the thing around and made it work. That made it pretty treacherous with little ones or an arm load of laundry, on those days when I decide to use solar power. Now we have these.

We still need to add the top handrail, but should be able to do that Sunday or Monday evening. That concrete block thing in the back right of the picture is where our turtle lives. I really want the kids to paint those blocks.

While my dad and I were outside, my mom was inside prepping and priming some of my kitchen cabinets. She is a MUCH better primer than me.
My cabinets look like this:
They don't really go with the rest of the house. This is one side. The other side is a small L shaped area, and that's where we started. Our kitchen is the darkest room in our house, partially because of some bizarre recessed light fixtures we have, and partially (I'm hoping) because of these dark cabinets.
Today I rehung the doors and now have these cabinets:
Yes, you may notice we have floor issues. Just look at the cabinets instead.

Next week will likely be part 2 of this project, maybe with something fun in the middle while we wait for paint to dry.

Some other pictures from around this house this afternoon:
I got an email notification from Fat Quarter Shop, telling me that I fabric I liked was in stock now. I looked at in at lunch--and then forced myself to figure out how I was going to use the other charm packs I had stashed before I bought anymore. I worked out one. Still thinking on the Paris and Company set (the ones with the ice cream cones).

Some of my other random fabrics I was digging through. It uploaded sideways but it's really not worth fixing.

I also started quilting the second September quilt.

And this is on the design boards.

I don't talk about this much on the blog or in person, but spiritually God is telling me to dream big. While it would be lovely to think he is meaning a bigger room to work on quilts--I don't think that's it. Maybe. Maybe not. I say I don't know how to dream big, I'm just getting to where I can dream and create. He had my son pull a George Muller biography off of the shelf to read to him each night. He also bombarded me with sermons and lessons and emailed devotions on Moses and the Israelites breaking free of captivity, in part just to remind me of Moses. Some leaders are built slowly, on the 40 year plan, and well, that's what I get to be next year. He also continues to bring people in my life through my job(s) to teach me humility, patience, and to listen to him. It's the only way I know how and when to help--follow His lead.