making stuff

Have spent a little bit of time this week working on quilts and some other decorations for the house. But before I show you the good stuff, well, here is how my spray painting jobs look half the time.
This is what happens if you try to shake the can while it's in the trigger, drop it on the ground, and break off the little white nozzle. A mess. Of course I plowed through and kept trying to paint it. It's kind of an ironic statement with the print in the frame. I will fix it at some point.

This quilt top is ready to be basted and quilted. Haven't decided on a name yet, but do have a recipient in mind.
And this quilt top is underway:
It's for my mom.

I finally framed this print I got a Craft Weekend, and even hung it on the wall in my living room.

I also changed out the birdie thing hanging on my front door with the wreath. It was the burlap one I made last fall but I added the decorations on it and tied on a bit of fabric scrap. Looks like I need to fix the fabric a bit.

I also found a bunch of perennials on sale at Lowe's and planted those Friday afternoon in the hopes that they would get rained on. No such luck but at least the front bed is filled in a bit more, and if I water them a bit this winter, they will have a better chance to survive next summer than if I had tried to plant them in the spring.

Ended the day with a surprise trip to the OU stadium to watch the football game. Thank you Aunt Debbie!