Slow Friday

I have been a bit sick this week. Nothing terrible, just a cold or something, but it is definitely slowing me down. I came home two days this week after taking Grace to school and went back to sleep for a bit. I did not work on a quilt today, partly because I was sleeping and partly I just didn't want to spread germs to it.

I looked at this pile on the floor in the living room--and walked away.

Instead I printed off this Discover Africa packet I downloaded yesterday. It is a way to learn about each country in Africa. I had been trying to think of something to do with Isaac on Tuesdays while we hang out at the gym for his sister's class, and this seemed like a great thing. In the resource section, the author mentions a website for food ideas for each country, so I looked that up too while everything was printing. It's called Global Table Adventure. It is GREAT with an interactive map of the countries and links to the recipes. And crazy enough the author of that blog lives in Tulsa. I can be fairly certain that any recipe she can find ingredients for, I can too.

Before I took my daughter to school, I moved my newly painted mail cabinet back into place and hung a few pictures. I look at these pictures and really wish there was more light in the room. Or less yellow light.  Or something. They just don't look like the others on blogs, but maybe that's just the lack of photoshop, Or photography skills.

She photobombed my picture.

I had my second mentoring session with my new student today. After working on a bit of school work, we worked on decorating our writing journals. I haven't figured out what we will write in them each week, but at least they are fancy. Here's mine. I need to work on the letter a bit.

Looking forward to a slower weekend so I can get better and get the energy back to work on my next two projects--my mom's quilt and painting the kitchen cabinets white. And get rid of that pile in the living room.