October Quilt #1

On Tuesday I had planned to start working on Grace's Halloween costume, but quickly realized I hadn't measured her to doublecheck the size--after I had taken her to school. So I worked on a quilt instead.  I finished up the binding and washed it last night.

This one is more baby quilt size, roughly 38" by 40". It is a random mix of fabrics that I selected, some of which I had in my stash, to coordinate with the backing fabric (also in my stash).

As I looked at other zigzag quilts on the internet to figure out how I wanted to quilt it, I saw lots that had white in between the color rows. I think if I do another one, I will try that way. It would balance out the colors a bit better.

Another thing I saw while looking at other zig zag quilts was "WiP Wednesday." It took me a while to figure out that it meant Works in Progress. As I looked around my sewing room later that evening, well, I just had to take a picture or two. It's kind of scary. This was the "skycam" view:

That is two works in progress on those design boards that are too big to fit in the room. There is also one on the design board behind it. Or, there was. You can see bits of it underneath the top design board. Most of the pieces fell off overnight after I laid it all out, so it is in time out right now. The bags to the right are the beginnings of the Christmas gift pile.

I decided this week to move my ironing board into this room. Having it my bedroom one room over always made my bedroom look messy, and was an all too easy place to pile stuff like mismatched socks waiting for their mate to show up in the next load. But it is a small room. I think one of my next projects may be to build a ironing surface to put on top of that dresser. I could also set my cutting mat up there and use it as a place to cut fabric. Right now I use the bench I sit on and it gets a bit hard on the back when I have to cut a lot.

I am also considering taking down that wooden shelf to give me more wall space for a design board. It's evolved into a hodgepodge of stuff right now and could use some work, whether it stays or goes. I'm not sure if the space is big enough for the design board though, or if I would be able to reach it over the dresser once it is up there.

The only mostly clean area in the room that day. A different sewing table will be another project too, maybe one for my husband to work on for me. When I start sewing fast the table wobbles A LOT and I have to slow down before I get seasick. It has worked well though otherwise.

That is a glimpse of what I am working on. And how I work. Unfortunately my children work on projects this way too, so our house is always a bit crazy looking. In fact, I need to go clean up some of it right now before the sleepover tonight so the boys will have some room to sleep. Maybe a least a tiny bit of sleep?