October quilt #2--almost

I finished a quilt top today, FINALLY. I learned this month that if I start multiple quilts at one time, it is very difficult to finish any of them. Focus on one at a time. I also took about a week to clean out my work room, which snowballed into cleaning out all the frames and wall art, and then cleaning out our guest room. I got that done right before our guests showed up for the weekend.
The fabric is called Cuzco, but this is my quilt inspired by my trip to North Africa, with its colors and so many tiled patterns everywhere. It started as a 9-patch, which I then sliced in fourths diagonally, like in this post. I chose to piece it without the white divisions though. It fit my inspiration better.

The strip along the right side was added on--I didn't want leftover pieces. It works with the overall design, but as I wait for a chance to quilt it all, I also have time to rework some of it. The seams are really off in a few places towards the bottom of the quilt. Or I may just let it go.

I thought I might be able to start the quilting tomorrow but then remembered I will be taking one child to a check-up, going to the school early to help with a party, and looking for a flannel shirt--I decided today to be a scarecrow for Halloween. I have a hat, boots, jeans, maybe even some hay if I borrow it from Chico, but no flannel.

I also finished a blankie this weekend while watching the OU debacle. I started this one last winter but didn't finish. I think it got warmer and I was also busy with some quilts.

I tried to do granny squares but couldn't get it so I decided to do granny stripes. When I showed it to my aunt this weekend, she said it looked like Indian Paintbrush. I like that name better. It's a great snuggly nap blankie, for me. I even got to use it for a short one on Sunday.

At some point this week I will talk about all this purging and cleaning and realigning, but it will take some time. It was easier to make this post first, and really, on a day of such destruction on the East Coast, it's not really time to talk about me working on my priorities.