slow and steady wins the race but can also give you salmonella

My husband just told me those baby tortoises are terrible carriers of salmonella.

A blog I read just reminded me that the small bag of chocolate I bought in case someone actually comes by our house for Halloween was made by child slaves in Africa. It is so hard to remember all this stuff.

But on a more positive note, I finished Grace's costume for Halloween. I haven't made clothes from a pattern, well anything beyond a skirt, since high school. I felt like I was reading a foreign language, but it's done. Guess who she's going to be?

This weekend I cut up some 9 patches and worked on the layout during some football. I finished the layout during Monday night's game.  This picture isn't the final layout, but it's close.

I really have more to say, but my brain is fuzzy, I need to go to sleep, and none of the other words have anything to do with the first part of the post.