the last day

The last day of our time in Santa Fe was Saturday, so we started out at the Farmer's Market. I love it--but I always wish it was at the beginning of our trip rather than the end. Someday we'll time it better.

This was on our walk to the market from the parking lot. 

Isaac's favorite vendor--they sell Harry Potter Pumpkin Pasties. I like their raspberry oat bars. And the southwest empanadas. I need to find the recipe for those--well, maybe when other people are coming over to my house to eat.

We then went to the Railyard playground but didn't stick around long because it was cold that morning, and because they were ready to get to the Children's Museum.

We were there long enough to see this new slightly odd dog statue.

The museum opened at 10 MST which is 11 Central which is when OU-Texas kicked off. We were grateful for a good phone connection and the ESPN Game Central. But only I could look at it. Shannon looked at it once and almost cratered the team.

Isaac spent about 20 minutes, if not more outside digging a hole in the sand, while Grace and I were inside. She decided to go outside later after they came back in, and she headed straight for that hole to fill it up.

I wanted to go to Jackalope later that afternoon, so I chose Plaza Cafe Southside for our lunch since it was in the area. And had pie.

Jackalope was ok. The prices were better than some stores, but not better than the flea market. But they did have animals to entertain the kids.

We ended the day (after a short rest) at the arroyo by our little house. The water from the rains had gone away, and it was only a bit muddy. We had fun looking for rocks and just exploring.

That was it. We drove home the next morning. I worked on a Pam Garrison embroidery thing I got a Craft Weekend while Shannon drove. Then we switched and I thought about how to declutter my craft/work room, watched the scenery, and designed a rainbow scrap quilt in my head. Isaac counted semis, at least while we were in New Mexico, until he lost count somewhere around 600. Then he played legos and slept. Grace talked for about 8 hours straight, some to us and some to herself. Shannon, well, he was probably thinking about how to design better ear protection before the next trip.