A November quilt #3

This won't happen much but I really needed to get it done, so now I finished three this month. Crazy. When I laid out the squares for the 2nd November quilt, I realized I had gone overboard cutting squares. Some of the excess was set aside to work into future projects. I had enough of the woodland animals one and the gingham to make another baby quilt. It's a little smaller, but still has the flannel backing to make it snuggly.

I took these pictures inside tonight, so the lighting on them isn't that great, but I wanted to get it posted today. It is now washed, dried, and ready for the craft fair at my son's school next weekend!

The quilts I will finish next month are a Christmas kaleidoscope quilt, if I can ever finish cutting all the pieces, and a Paris inspired quilt for one of my friends for Christmas. I just got the backing for that one in the mail today (it's the map looking one closest to the window) and can't wait to layer it all together.