Every night I read to my kids. Most of the time it is separately--with their wide age gap and difference in likes, it is just better that way. I read to Grace and get her in bed then read to Isaac. I read all the Harry Potter books to him and zillions of other books. I really try to include some "classics" or award winner books that I don't think he would choose to read on his own. Over the summer I bought him several books to have at home to read, some to read on his own and some for read aloud time. The Sonlight homeschooling program has great lists to use to pick some.  I bought a few and kept a list for the library. Back in July our pastor gave a sermon tied in with the Olympics and mentioned Eric Liddell. A couple of the books I had purchased were from a series of biographies by Janet and Geoff Benge, so I checked that group to see if it included Eric Liddell. It did.

I started reading it to him, a chapter or two at a time. He LOVED it. I pointed out that he had a couple more of these on his shelf, so when we finished he handed me the Hudson Taylor one. And then George Muller.
It was about this time that I decided to start the Africa stuff with him, and so I ordered the David Livingstone book as a starter. I also decided to look at our local library to see if they had any. They had TONS. The books all have the same brown spine so they were easy to spot. I found several and brought them home--way too many for us to read. I think I read the Amy Carmichael one from this bunch as we waited for the Livingstone book to arrive. We are now finishing up the book on Lillian Trasher, a missionary in Egypt. I have added in a chapter from the Bible each night so we are moving a bit slower. Weekends are great for bigger chunks of reading time though.

I love that these books teach him (and me) history for countries around the world. I love that he is learning about the men and women who had HUGE faith in God. It has been a great reminder for me as well on how we should rely on God's provision and care for us daily and in all things. I love that he LOVES these books and look forward to rereading them again in a couple of years with his little sister.