Thanksgiving and November quilt #2

I started this post last night and quickly discovered that I was uploading my pictures all wrong. Google was not happy with me--unless I wanted to upgrade my storage plan. No thank you. I have since learned a better way to upload this pictures--much smaller--so this will probably be good for all of you readers out there. I will go back a fix a few of the picture heavy posts as I can.

Thanksgiving was a peaceful holiday this year. The weather was warm and sunny, and we enjoyed family time, both with our extended family and just the four of us. We did miss my grandparents (sick), my aunt and uncle (also sick) and my cousin and her family.

 I also dropped my camera and this time broke it. It busted the toggle switch that controls the menu, flash, the ability to scroll through the pictures. It still takes them but that's about it. My husband checked to see if it was fixable, but it really isn't. At least it was BEFORE Christmas not after, so I could add it to my list. 

On Black Friday (which I avoid), I somehow slept in until 8:30 or 9. I don't know how it happened. I haven't been able to do that for YEARS. Even at Craft Weekend I woke up at my normal 7:00ish time and convinced myself to go ahead, get out of bed, and get ready for the day.

I worked a bit on a quilt, but had to stop. Had to stop on all of them (yes, I don't learn from my own lessons and am working on 3 again) because I needed a bit more fabric for binding, or a border, or a backing.  Saturday I parked a few cars in my yard and earned the money for all of that with a bit to spare.  I finally added the binding to this quilt, so it gets to be November Quilt #2.

This one is a Christmas gift, and that's all I will spill about it since I don't know who all reads this.