I took my kids with me to the store yesterday. It was going to be a short trip and I was rested up. It takes a lot of patience.  While we were there and cruising around the produce section we saw these:

I'd never seen them on the stalk. Beautiful and yet alien like. When I see some plants like these, I always wonder what led someone to pull one off and try to eat it.  I guess hunger.

Today I spent quite a bit of my day wrestling potatoes--400 pounds of them. Picking up bags and bags at a special drop off site earlier than I should have been up and driving around. Hauling them into the church. Rebagging them for the Thanksgiving Basket Extravaganza. 
Much better than sitting at my desk all day, although I was ready to sit for awhile after all that.

The quilts are still for sale and if I still have them (or most of them) by December 8, I will have a booth at the Lincoln Elementary Craft Fair to sell them and a few other smaller items I make. So if you are interested but want to see them first, put the craft fair on the calendar!