a merry Christmas

The week before Christmas was FULL. I slept most of Friday to recover.
Our church collected gifts for 75 kids at our local elementary school and on Monday my husband and I delivered them. I was thankful for the bigger vehicle.

Wednesday was the birthday party for Jesus for the preK/K age kids. Thankfully it was a small group. I think they had fun!

The Christmas tradition I cherish most is being able to spend time with my family. Most of my family, including my extended family live within a 2 hour radius of us, so it is easy to see them. Sometimes the weather creates a bit of havoc with this, as it did this year, but we were still able to visit those we had planned to see.

The kids are scarfing down some chocolate cake. No one told them it was sugar free. And that tablecloth? That was the one I was remembering when I found that flannel for the back of the Christmas quilt.

 Present mayhem. We take turns some but there is still a lot of paper flying.

My aunt holding the presents I made for her. I had forgotten to take pictures of them before I wrapped them.

The kids with my grandpa and grandmom. He's 95, and 96 in another week. He has had a rough year--they both have. Bittersweet. That's all I can say about that.
I love that all of the kids are about the same age, just like my sister and I were with our cousins.

A few pics from our time at my parents:

I found this quilt at my parents' house that was my Grandma's. That big stain--it's fingernail polish. My cousin and I were banging a couple of bottles together while laying on the quilt and surprise (to us) --they broke. I need to try to get that stain out.

At this point I got to switch to my new camera (yea!), which meant I had to figure out how to use it. Several pictures from that day and the next are a bit blurry.

We headed to the in-laws early also to avoid WINTER STORM EUCLID, and we definitely avoided it there. Not a flake of snow. It was still bitterly cold though so we stayed indoors most of the time.

 the traditional Christmas morning cinnamon roll

more legos!

We made it home to snow! Not much, but enough for some sledding fun.

 (we were all on the sled--very fun!)

The one bad thing about sledding at the duck pond on a layer of snow about 1/4 of an inch thick--crashing into goose poop. Yuck.

The worship service on Sunday was also wonderful (I didn't take pictures)-- being with my church family, singing Oh Holy Night, lots of hugs, and reminders about the power of love, shown to us by God in His gift to all of us. All in all it was a merry Christmas.