December craziness

It seemed like everything was scheduled this weekend. We got to practice saying no a lot. But here are a few things we said yes to:

turtle bars for our Sunday School party

A trip to JoAnn's to buy thread. They were having a sale.

Soup for lunch with a friend

A mini piano recital for the four girls in the group piano class.
a Saturday morning pancake breakfast

a craft fair (should've said no to that)

finishing up a latch hook
the Christmas concert
movie bucket for a friend and her family

more progress on my Christmas quilt

decorating gingerbread cookies


and hers. she decorates how she paints--except she doesn't lick the paint off
I also opened an Etsy shop called AA Quilts to sell the extra quilts I make. At least I hope to sell them. We shall see. The link to the shop is on the right hand side of this blog or click here. When I post new quilt pictures each month, I'll make sure to let you know if it is a gift or for sale.

I also received an application for a mission trip this summer--a one week trip to Kodiak Alaska with my parents' church to lead VBS at the Coast Guard base there. They have mountains, salmon, and bears. I was going to try to post a picture or two but my daughter is sitting here waiting for me to get done so I can read to her--so click this link and look at pictures, more than I would've posted anyway.