Unlike last Saturday, we had nothing scheduled to do today--no parties or anything like that. If there was one, I forgot to put it on the calendar. So I finished up the quilt top to my Christmas quilt. It is bigger than I expected. I was thinking "throw quilt" which it is, but not paying that much attention to what size that meant to the pattern designer. It will be great and snuggly. It's just big.

and a close-up
 It was hanging in a window, so once it is quilted all of those points under the circles shouldn't be so visible. The pattern is by Allison of Cluck Cluck Sew and is called Kaleidoscope. It took a lot of cutting and sewing of many parts. It is a beautiful pattern and well done--I just like ones I can get done a little faster.

While I had it hanging in the window, really while I was laying out the rows last night, I realized I hadn't gotten anything for the backing. After I finished the top, I went out to a nearby fabric store that was not anywhere near a mall and found this crazy flannel. It reminds me of a tablecloth someone in my family had.

I have it all basted together now, but probably won't start quilting until later in the week.

While I was at the fabric store, I found out about the OKC Winter Quilt Show--before it happened! It will be January 10-12. I've never been to one, so it will likely be a bit overwhelming, but also great inspiration for this hobby of mine.

My son is playing indoor soccer for the first time. It is much more low key (no practices) than regular season and is kind of fun to watch. It is difficult to photograph though with my somewhat broken point and shoot. Indoor lighting and motion don't work well together. I just take the pics without zooming and then crop them later. Seems to work best that way.

Thursday night my husband asked me what some of my favorite websites were. As I thought about it, I realized that I pretty much look at blogs. So Friday afternoon, as I sat waiting at my son's elementary school in that lag time between my mentoring session and time to pick him up, I decided to look at Something that wasn't a blog. And I discovered in some other elementary school, someone's brain had broken and they killed a bunch of little ones. Little ones like those that were walking past me at that moment. Like the ones in the picture above. Thankfully my reception isn't great in that school and I couldn't read much of anything, because I cry every time I do. I was nearly crying right now. I just don't get it. I do somewhat--I know we live in a broken world. But wow.