a happy birthday quilt {January quilt 1}

Today is my grandpa's birthday.
He is now 96. The last couple of years have not been too kind to him. We have been blessed to have him with us, but with this blessing comes the curse of seeing Parkinson's disease steal him away.  And this year he got to celebrate his birthday in the hospital, recovering from pneumonia.

I look back not too long ago, and this is the grandpa I see, the one in my head:
April 2009
Now he has much more trouble walking, speaking, and swallowing. Sometimes we can talk with each other, and sometimes it just doesn't work. My voice is in a range that is very difficult for him to hear, and that doesn't help.

I decided to make him a quilt for his birthday, a warm snuggly flannel lap quilt he could use in the nursing home for his naps. (I was stuck with indoor pictures because if I took my son the quilt holder outside with the quilt in this cold weather, he would just wrap up in it the whole time.)

He seemed to like it!

Happy Birthday Papa!