oh yeah -- January quilt #3

I got my first Etsy sale, a commissioned Christmas quilt for a friend. It was ordered really close to Christmas so I didn't have to get it done before the holiday. I finished it up this weekend though and sent it off. It had most of the same fabrics, but I had to add some to replace a few of the stripes that were no longer available. The most noticeable changes (to me at least) are the black fabrics.

Now I am working on two more, both birthday gifts, as I can. I also pulled out 8 fabrics and started designing another one, just for fun--until I realized I should focus on the two I need to get done for next month. I am clearing out the backlog of quilt ideas though, so it was time to put together another one. I need a little time to figure out how to sew the block. I think it is not really supposed to be done the way I am trying to do it.