the OKC quilt show

I headed out on a rainy day (yea!) to attend my first quilt show. I was there for an hour and then finished, and left with mixed feelings.

I saw some lovely old quilts on display.

These blocks were for sale. I was tempted but decided to take a picture and make my own someday. I have the template already anyway.

I had taken a bit of money with me, some from Christmas and some from selling some dishtowels I made. I came home with this lovely stack of fabrics from A Joyful Soul Fabrics.

I had a tough time deciding between the fat quarter stacks. At one point I realized I was trying to decide between two stacks that were the SAME fabric. I decided to get some I loved (of course) but one that was also colors I don't normally pick. I will likely use most of this stack to make a baby quilt or two in the upcoming months.

I had hoped that the show would have a wider range of quilting styles--both traditional and modern. It was heavy on the traditional. I don't have any pictures to describe what I mean. The design mix was ok, especially for the crowd that I was with that morning, but I am not to the point yet where I can look at a traditional looking quilt and re-imagine it with different fabrics. It wasn't as inspirational as I'd hoped.

This morning I did a bit of research. The one group that was not represented in the design guilds there was the OKC Modern Design Guild. I don't want to join that--I would not drive there for meetings. I don't like meetings. It would have been nice to meet some of them though. After looking at their blog, I discovered that there is another conference option: QuiltCon. It is in Austin on February 21-24. I would love to do that, even just a couple of days. The workshops are hosted by quilters whose blogs I read or who write all those books I keep getting for more inspiration. But . . .the timing is just lousy. It would be a great birthday trip, yes, but I'm saving up for other bigger trips. I would want to hang out in Austin a bit (avoiding the UT areas of course) and really would prefer to go with someone, maybe even drag my family along. Surely they could find something to do there while I go to the conference for part of the day. Plus, the conference workshops are already sold out this late in the game, although there are some lecture options. So I'm hoping this is an annual event, something to put on the schedule for next year. Along with a trip to Istanbul I have penciled in.

Now I'm off to go finish up a Christmas quilt top.