up now and up next

Off and on this past week, I've been working on a couple (or so) quilt projects. I have been turning this:

 into this:

I've also worked a bit more on a scrap quilt of the various leftovers from all of the pink quilts last year.

I've also been making plans for some baby quilts for a friend who is having twins. I won't decide for sure until I find out if they are going to be for boys, girls, or one of each but am narrowing it down. If they (or one) is a girl, I will use the set of fabric I got at the quilt show and will use the treasure boxes pattern from traceyjay. And boys? Different fabric. And I think I will use this pattern that Allison of Cluck Cluck Sew posted this morning. If the babies are one of each, well, I may just use that same pattern with different fabrics for each.

And I've been taking stock of the fabric I have. If left to my own devices, I end up with fabrics like this:

For the types of quilts I tend to make and those I like, only one of these would work. Or one of these would be a backing. What I don't have as much of is what people tend to call the stash builders--the bits and pieces that make the quilt work. Like these:

A company called Pink Castle Fabrics has a Stash Stack Club, so I've also been checking that out. Each month they send you six or twelve "stash builders" for a specific color, working around the color wheel throughout the year. You can even pick the amount you want. BUT ... well, that's a lot of fabric. The stash amount I have stresses me a bit cause when I have it, I want to make something with it. Also, it's a lot of money for our income and future plans. So I designed my own stash club. I picked about seven fabrics their website, from the section of the wheel that tie in with quilts I have planned for this spring (blues and purples).

I picked some from those colors that I liked AND were on sale. With the sales it was a little tough not to keep picking but I have a budget, both of money and of time. In another few months, I'll pick another section of the color wheel and get some more.

I also realized I had a bit more of these stash builders than I realized. Once upon a time I bought a layer cake (set of 10" squares) of Aneela Hoey's A Walk in the Woods. I have even cut it into 5" squares, intending to make a quilt with it. However, the color range with all of them together is just a little off for me. However, they are great stash builders, in five different colors.
Now I've split them up and can use them in lots of quilts, instead of constantly trying to figure out how in the world to make it into something I would like.

Also, I finished one. I can't show the full set of pictures because it is a gift yet ungiven, but here's a preview.

Hopefully the weather will warm up a bit so I can start posting more pictures of my kids. The quality of my indoor pictures just isn't that great.