waiting for some blue skies

It has been gray here. Almost everyday this week.

My brain must be starved for color. While working on a quilt top I looked around at the fabric I had started setting aside for the next quilts and laughed.

I ended up removing the lizard one and adding in a deep blue and a stripe. I found a pattern last night that only required those five, and have that one underway.

And then there's this mess of color. I may have found a pattern to adapt for this too.

I did finish that quilt top that had me drifting off. And the little scrap quilt. That one is ready for binding. My daughter has claimed it. I'll post a picture of it once I finish it up.

We have had warmish weather on the weekends, so we've been able to spend some family time outdoors.
Some of these are from last weekend and the rest from today.

In this picture, Isaac looks how I always felt trying to play basketball with my sister. Too short. He at least has a chance of catching up to dad.

Grace and I also made cinnamon rolls last weekend. I had been thinking about it, wondering if I could use the bread recipe I like. Then while playing in her sandbox, she wanted me to come help her "make bread." I suggested we just go inside and make some real bread and turn them into cinnamon rolls. She was a great helper.

I'm thinking I need to get that last pan of cinnamon rolls out of the freezer this week and into our mouths. Wouldn't want them to get freezer burn.