A February quilt and more

Last month I got some fabrics in the blue/teal/purple range to have some options on hand for future quilts. This month I added to the pink/orange range, with one red. I still have a lot of red even after a whole quilt of them.

Some of these were on sale at Pink Castle Fabrics. The rest were from JoAnn's. The pink one with the multi colored flowers there in the middle was from Walmart. I liked the service of Pink Castle Fabrics, but I do think next time that I do an order like that I will try Fort Worth Fabric Studio. It's a little closer to here so less transportation required to get it to me. It's still not local, but we don't have any "quilt shops" in my town. The nearest ones are 30 to 40 minutes away, and I would need another reason to use that gasoline besides just to get fabric.

That will be the last of the fabric stash upgrades for awhile. The yellow section is still low but I need to make some more quilts before I buy more. The only potential purchases I foresee are some backings. I love to shop the clearance racks at JoAnn when they have them 50% off--perfect pricing for the two to four yards of fabric needed for backings. I think I have the current projects covered though, so I may not even do that until next month.

I did get these non-stash non-current project related fabrics. I wanted to get the Simply Color ones before they disappear, and Fabric.com gets me with their promise of free shipping so added the Dear Stella floral. It is my favorite one of all the recent purchases--and coordinates with them!

I finished up a baby girl quilt this week and pulled it out of the dryer this morning. This was a personal quilt challenge to use up the pink gingham squares I had cut for a previous quilt and then decided not to include.

I will try to sell this one. I have not added it to the shop yet--I want some better pictures of the center appliques--but hope to do so by the end of the weekend.

So one of the benefits of having extra fabric on hand is this:

I am working on Pow Wow quilt and selected the five fabrics I needed. After I sewed up a few of the blocks though, I realized I did not like this one.
I don't like the obvious pattern mismatch and I don't have the skills to do anything about it.  So I looked athe the fabrics again and added in this new orange one:

I think it will work much better.
This one is 5 blocks by 5 blocks, so I hope to finish this one this week. I want to have it for sale in time for the birthday week sale I plan to have.

My son is at an arts fair kinda thing this morning. After game time with dad and prepping her valentines for school, my daughter is now watching the trash guys load up this mountain of trash across the street from our house. She just turned out the lights for a better view.

This was her at gymnastics last night. See that track up there? That's what I do most of the time she is in class. I can't sit in that gym for that long. It takes 16 laps for a mile, so it's a bit tedious. And--I just shoot for a mile at this point. None of the half marathon/triathlon/forever long running that blog people seem to want to do. I am training for mountain climbing, a lot of mental ones most of the time, but hopefully come July I will get to be on a real Alaskan one. And I am training to keep up with my kids. I was at my "I've run 4 laps so it's time to walk one" point yesterday when the song shifted to Mumford and Sons "Hopeless Wanderer." It hit the chorus and a shiver went through and I took off for 5 more laps until the song was done.  Songs are powerful. I couldn't walk to that one. The next was slower so I could walk once and then resume running. But in the space between the end of that one and the next one, I talked to God about it. I can't remember what speed I was wanting (I keep the songs of shuffle and like to think God is my DJ), but he told me "I was not in control." Which he has been showing me all week, well, really all winter. And then the "Who Am I" song came on, just to make sure I didn't think my sweaty brain was talking to itself.

I just gotta keep my eyes on the little blessings each day and each week, like the surprise trip donation checks in the mail enclosed in a precious note or a friend buying me lunch on a day when I forgot to bring one to work. These blessing help me know that God is taking care of the big stuff I'm praying about too. It's just not time for the answers.