around here

 On Saturday we helped Grandmom celebrate her birthday.

What a fun cake! I could tell my daughter was getting some ideas for her birthday.

As we headed out to go visit my grandpa at the nursing home in town, my kids suddenly remembered the swing set.

See that goat in the back that keeps photobombing the pics?

Since I had my camera with me, I got some more pictures throughout the weekend. I need to put it in their more often. I know I have my phone and the camera on it, but it's different.

Lots of fun for the kids at the Super Bowl party. She wanted to dress like a cat. I don't know why.

 Birthday cake for a couple of people at my office on Monday. With a giant chunk out of the base of the cake carrier. Not sure how that happens.

Also at work--packing up 400 bags for our hygiene item drive for Sunday. I get to finish that tomorrow.

Yesterday was another beautiful afternoon so at my son's suggestion, we had art time on our back deck.

I even did some. I had some quilt color books.:) I bought them years ago, before I made quilts.

The quilt I am working on (slowly) is closer to done:
I plan to sell this one, if all goes well with the rest of the project.

That's about it. The kids are school today. I am at home, typing in my laptop in a different area of the house than usual, an area with more light. Yuck, my laptop is really dirty. I guess I need to go figure out how to fix that. Or just put it back in the dark corner and go make some cookies.