Friday was my birthday. I got a heart shaped sprinkle filled pancake for breakfast to celebrate.

 I went to work a little bit that morning since we had a snow day on Thursday, thinking I could make up some hours. But I quickly ran out of things I knew to do, so I left. My son's school was having a carnival that evening so I dropped off my bake sale donation and some prizes.
Then I went to lunch with a few friends. I invited them as part of my birthday day plan--and then I didn't even take any pictures. They are probably thankful since I would've put it on this blog. I did take a picture of the cup.

Then I needed to do my mentoring session. She had asked me to bring her a cupcake since it was my birthday so I stopped at a local store, Cookies and Cards. I got her a cupcake and found me an oatmeal carmelita, the treat I had made for the bake sale but didn't get to eat. Birthday bonus!

That evening my family went to Pei Wei. The message in my fortune cookie had the word "birthday" on the bake--bizarre. The "fortune" said "you do not have to know where you are going to be headed in the right direction." That is definitely the truth. Not really a fortune, but true.

Saturday was my birthday party at my parents' house to celebrate with my extended family. I asked for an ice cream sundae party. And a Mississippi Mud Cake.

 A blurry picture of some of the family that was there. Not blurry on purpose--I guess I was in hurry.
 Those that could stay headed to Van's Pig Stand, a local barbeque place.

 My mom took these so she didn't make it into either picture. Thanks mom for an awesome day!

On Sunday our family headed out to Great Wolf Lodge, an indoor water park, with some friends. They invited us to go with them on a non-school holiday weekend, and this ended up the best option. It was great fun--a wonderful break from the cold of winter.

Proof that we do feed him. He ate all of the pepperoni half of the pizza except for that piece.

The kids loved it. They were asking to go back there before we even left. It was fun being there with another family and reminded me of the times we spent with other families when I was a kid.

And then we came back to a winter storm warning. Yippee. I have two more after-birthday plans tomorrow if the weather allows. But even if it doesn't, this was an AWESOME birthday weekend. Thanks to all of you who helped me celebrate!