changing it up

As the Super Bowl ended, I finished uploading the last of the quilt pictures on to the "quilts I made" page. Check it out when you have time (and let me know if there are busted links). Unfortunately, that project got harder as I went along, as I ended up finished more quilts each month as the year went along. I have thought a bit about this blog as I added the two extra pages, remembering the balance I try, I need, to have in my life. I added the quilts page to represent creating and the "where I've been" page (still blank for now) to show that traveling/exploring part of my life. I was stuck with the third piece though. Then as I stared at the little page titles, I realized it was already there. Home. That's "celebrating life" chunk of my life.

And you may wonder (or not), what about God? Isn't he a part of your life? He is, but he's not separate. He is a part of all of it. He is why I create, because we were made in our Creator's image. I explore because I like to see what he made, and understand Him a bit more through it. And celebrate life with my family and friends? That is an act of gratitude for His gifts and a practice of presence that can be a bit difficult to practice in our culture. Yet we were given this example to follow through the life of Jesus. He gave thanks. He took the time to be where he was, really speak to those he met, and rest when he needed it.

I have my redesign now. It didn't really clean up much on the main page, but is at least easier to get to quilt posts and eventually exploring posts. Someday. I also decided I don't need to do six quilts in a month. Or even four. It was good to have something to do inside when it was freezing cold but spring is on the way. The groundhog said so. I'll stick with two quilts, so I'll have more time for the rest of life, the "home."