PowWow quilt for a little papoose

I finally finished the quilt I had been working on for the past couple of weeks. I had a slight slow down (and meltdown) on Valentine's Day when I sat down to finish the quilting and found this:

Apparently I left my scissors out. Thankfully, she stopped right before she cut into a quilt block. I was able to remove and replace that border strip. I had already quilted half of it so it was a pain, but at least it was repairable. I had to do a small repair job on the backing.

And ta-da, the finished quilt:

I LOVE this backing fabric. It is one of the first fabrics I bought as I started gearing up to try to make quilts. I even bought it at my local quilt shop, which is unfortunately no longer there. They decided to sell online only. I still have about a half yard of it left.

the repair

The quilt is for sale here, along with a few others. I did reduce the price a little because of the cut. As always, if you are local and see one you want to buy, email me and we will work out how to skip the shipping.