the first half of the week

Monday was a school holiday, and since it is also my birthday week, I promised the kids we could go get some doughnuts.

After that we headed out to see my grandparents at the nursing home. That afternoon while my son played some Wii, my daughter painted my fingernails and toenails for my birthday. She also fixed my hair. Unfortunately (or fortunately) we had a deacon banquet to attend that night, so I took the hairdo apart. I've kept the nail polish so far.

Her Mini-musicians choir sang at the banquet and I have a couple of videos. Not sure how to post one but I'll do so if I can.

On Tuesday I cleaned the kitchen. It really needed it. I even dumped stuff from the fridge. Then I messed around with some fabric. I took apart these blocks:
 so I could change them to these:

Quite a mess, but I didn't like how the blocks looked when I tried to lay out the quilt. Thankfully I checked before I had finished all of them.

I also made a bit of progress on this quilt using the reds and grays from A Walk in the Woods line.

Today I went to work while it snowed then rained then snowed and rained. We like rain here. We don't get it much. The snow was pretty while it lasted, huge fluffy flakes.

I'm hoping that the rest of the daffodils will be blooming by my birthday. Looking forward to the rest of the week!

And--the birthday sale is still ongoing in my etsy shop AAQuilts. All quilts in my etsy shop are still 10% off now through Saturday at 9 p.m.  Just use the code BIRTHDAY10.


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