Easter weekend

After a brief rain shower on Friday, I headed over to my daughter's school for the Mom's Easter Tea held by her afternoon teacher. The children sing songs for us and then we all share lunch together. They look so cute dressed up!

This is her teacher Mary. She has had her for two years through the preschool class.

On Saturday, we spent the day with part of our family for our traditional Easter lunch and egg hunt. But first my children woke me up at 7 a.m. to dye Easter eggs. Good grief. I will take care of that earlier next year.

The weather for the family gathering was WONDERFUL. Except for the meal, the kids spent the whole time outside, which is good because they can all get pretty rowdy indoors. Papa had to miss this year, since it would be impossible to transport him with the broken hip. He is doing fairly well otherwise though, considering.

We sat at three tables, which ended up with this kid's table, the other "kid's" table of the cousins (me included) and spouses, and then the "grown-ups."

This looked like the Oklahoma landrun. My daughter even tried to sneak over a pick up an egg early--a true Sooner.

And then we came back home for a soccer game. Again, the weather was great, much better than the last game we tried.

They won. I have no idea what the score was. I lost track, and they still haven't posted it on the NYSA website. Something like a lot to zero.

For Easter itself, it has been a good Sabbath day spent at church and then at home. The warm weather is still here for now, so we tried to be outside as much as we could. 

At some point today my son found a magazine in our house that included an article about building a chicken coop for $50. He and his dad then worked to design one for cheaper, and when he told me about this, I handed him my Backyard Homestead book and the new city regs about chicken coops and runs. This is a "pet"/animal I would love to own--much more so than the odd assortment of creatures we have now or that keep cropping up on a wish list of one of the kids. At least chickens give us food. So we'll see. We are still researching all of it, but it is an awesome research and design project for him to work on, regardless of the outcome.

Looking forward to this week, even with the expected weather change, as I start on a new quilt, finish up a book I'm reading (I'll write about that in another post), and continue to find "treasures" in my house for the garage sale, among other things.