monkey baby--March quilt 1

I had free time most of the day on Tuesday and was able to finish up the monkeys and bananas baby quilt my aunt had requested. While it washed up, I watched a video of David Butler's lecture at QuiltCon about "Homemade Lifestyle Photography." It wasn't something I would have been drawn to if I had attended the conference, but I enjoyed the lecture. It also made it much more difficult to take a quilt outside and take a few pictures of it before I send it on it's way. This afternoon I am working on a better way to hang up quilts on the side of my garage. It's pretty scenic with its naturally chippy paint. This one ended up on the swing set. I noticed it had a built-in quilt hanging ladder! And matching swings!

And my own little monkey helper:

The quilt pattern is called a disappearing nine-patch and is one I used in some of my earlier quilts, such as the one for my son. Which I would link to for you, but I need to go finish up that project I started before I need to go pick up my kids. If you go to "Quilts I Made" link at the top of this page, then scroll way down to the bottom, you can see it.

I've been watching the Craftsy QuiltCon classes, and wow. I LOVE them. If you like color, design, and making stuff (not just quilts) I recommend it to you as a way to sharpen your skills! The ones I have watched so far are really helping me relearn my design process and think about how to make it (and the results from it) better. I'll probably talk about those more later. I'm off to hang up some twine and see if my idea works.