quiltiness, cold soccer, and art time

Earlier this week I went to my "local" quilt shop. It is 45 minutes away so I don't make it there much. But, one of my friend's gave me a gift certificate from there and my aunt asked me to make a quilt for a baby shower, so I made the drive. I got there a few minutes before the store opened, so I took the time to make a list of some fabrics I needed for upcoming quilts. It was a good thing I did this because as soon as I walked in the door, my mind just blanked completely. It was just too much.

I quickly found the fabric I needed for a friend's baby boy quilt, fabric I hadn't been able to find all together on the internet.

With some help from the staff, I was able to find some monkey fabric for my aunt's quilt request. I also found some coordinating fabrics, at least a few of them. I found the rest later at a different store. The one thing about shopping at this local quilt shop is that the "on sale" rack is really small. When I know I can buy a half yard from a different store online for the same cost (or close to it) for the same cost as that fat quarter, it is hard to buy a lot.

I don't have much time until my aunt needs the quilt for the baby shower, so I bumped it ahead of the other ones I was working on. I finished up the quilt top today and hope to quilt it on Tuesday. It will have a yellow and white striped flannel for the backing.
I think I need to doublecheck the settings on my camera. It looks there is a big glare on the photos I took today.

The other two I am working on this month are a baby quilt for a friend who has a shower at the end of the month. This is the first three rows:

I am also working to finish up a quilt that is not designated for anyone in particular.
The last row of this one was on the sewing machine when I took this picture. It has been a "work in progress" for awhile so I want to finish it up and get it off the design board. I need the room for some April projects I need to design.
I also cleaned up a bit in the room as I finished up the monkeys and bananas quilt. I do have a lot of quilt fabrics in bins, ready for their turn. With a little bit of my birthday money, I bought four bigger bins that do a better job of holding a quilt's worth of fabric. Then I could use the plastic shoe bins I emptied to hold some scraps that had outgrown their ziploc baggie.
At least it is slightly more organized.

Tonight we got to sit outside in the cold and watch a soccer game. I liked watching the game, but did not like having to wrestle my blanket to try to keep warm. It is always so windy at the soccer field.
My son is at the far left. Looks like they were playing on snow in this picture. It certainly felt cold enough. It's a tournament, so they have another game at noon tomorrow. They won the first game. Yea! I think that means they will play on Sunday morning though, which is not a yea.

After we got home at 8 whatever, my daughter got out paper and said it was family card making time. She's bossy like that. She wanted us to sit at her little table and make pictures--so we did.
 Her scooter is photobombing the picture.

We left our pictures out to finish up tomorrow. After my husband and I drifted off, the kids were still hard at work. They would still be drawing now at 10:00 if we hadn't sent them to bed.

I had just rearranged that area of the living room/family room, so I guess that part was a good switch. I still haven't figured out where I want to move the rest of the furniture that was there. It'll be ok in the middle of the room for awhile until inspiration strikes. For now I need sleep.