shaping up

Warning--this is more words than normal. I will try to break it up with random recent pictures. Like these:

Getting in a swimming suit in the middle of the winter really helps a person see how much they have been eating to keep warm.  When I came back home, I thought I would just go get another swimming suit. Maybe one with a cute little skirt or shorts. Then I went to the store. I quickly determined it would be much cheaper and I would be much happier with the results if I would just eat less calories every day. I had already started lifting weights this spring at the free weight room at my church, so I really didn't need to make changes there. Besides, as I had seen before by watching a "calories burned" counter on an elliptical once, and as several books pointed out, it is way easier to just decrease the calories--especially the empty ones--than to work all of those off. My dad was diagnosed with diabetes last fall, so I have a fairly good guide of what foods to cut or limit, plus an additional incentive to pay attention to what I (and my kids) eat.

This weekend's soccer tourney.

Over the past few months, I have also been gotten to exercise my faith as we waited for some projects to start up at my husband's work. People say faith and letting go is easy, but to me it seems hard. It seems much easier to find a solution and "fix" it. But sometimes apparently we are supposed to just wait and let God fix it. That sounds easy when I type it--we just have to wait, not do a thing. It just doesn't seem that easy in real time. There wasn't even anything positive I could've done to "fix" it or speed things along to my own timing. I work part time with part time pay right now, for lots of reasons. I work on quilts during part of the hours I don't work, making about the same pay if I sell one. These are where God has led me. To make more money, I would've had to shift LOTS around, none of it positive and not where God has led me. Thankfully God has worked it out in his timing. He has also helped me financially with my goals for the trip to Alaska, so much beyond what I was expecting.

As I look forward to that trip and preparing with a Bible study they gave us called Chasing the Lion, I have also been thinking a bit scripture memorization, and have downloaded to different options from A Holy Experience--Romans or The Sermon on the Mount. I'm leaning toward The Sermon on the Mount. I don't expect to be able to do it all but some is better than none. I also may drag the kids in on it some.

At a birthday party.

And as the last bit of shaping up I found out that Craftsy was offering a free lecture series from QuiltCon, the quilt conference in Austin in late February that I could not attend. Now I can learn some more quilting skills, sort of preview QuiltCon, and it's free! A friend also asked me to make a few doll quilts for her, so I will be able to use one of the new books I bought for my birthday to learn new pattern techniques. Like the cute little doll quilt on the cover of the book:

Quilt I saw at the quilt shop. I bought the pattern.

So that about sums it up--shaping up physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. And some cute kids in the middle of all of that. Enjoy this almost spring but really cold day!