Spring break 2013

Our spring break started on Friday this year, since the kid's were out of school for parent/teacher conferences. That morning we headed first to a local hospital. My grandpa had been admitted the day before. He fell again, and this time broke his hip. We had a good visit with him and my uncle. It was during this visit that I realized that the dementia, if that's what you call it, is now a constant rather than an every other visit kinda thing. He was talking, and recognized us, but he was not in the present. But on a plus side, my uncle introduced me to a new place in Arkansas and it may be our fall break trip spot.

After that we headed to S&B Burger Joint. It had recently opened in our town, and we had planned to meet our friends there. We soon discovered we were talking about two different days, so that didn't work. We ate there anyway. This did not fit in to the 7 Experiment food fast I was doing that week, but I was aware when I started it that I had some events that week that were not going to fit. I just planned to add extra days. Anyway, I ate a yummy burger. My son missed seeing his friend, but finally got happier during dessert.

 We went home for awhile and then all went to my friend's baby gender reveal party. It's a girl! 

We stopped at a bookstore on the way home. I found a Quilty magazine, which had several ones in it I liked. Grace found masks.  

Isaac found supermodels.

The next day we ended to my husband's parents to celebrate his dad's birthday.

Monday started slow, with a few errands after some morning tv. They got to see there old friend Sesame Street. We also stopped at the local feed store to get something for our garden.

They are still both campaigning for a bunny.
From there the day went a little down hill. I got a call from my dad that my grandpa was doing well, so we headed out to visit him again. He was asleep most of the time. They have since discovered that the pain medicine they put him on wasn't the best choice, so he is doing somewhat better. As I left the nursing home though, I was on autopilot. Which means the local police pulled me over for speeding. Yippee. I used cruise control on the way home. I HATE wasting money like that.

Yesterday was garden day. My dad came over and tilled the ground, as a birthday present. My son was in charge of picking out the grass and weeds (did not stick with that very long) while I took the chance of a warm day to clean out the garage. I emptied it a bit, and found a few things for the garage sale in May. I got done and then helped degrass the garden. After lunch, we planted the cool season crops.

I still need to put in the garlic and water it. It may rain tomorrow, but I'll water it today anyway. Maybe keep everything from washing away if it does actually rain.
We finished the day at the library so that my husband could go with us. My son, who has struggled to find books lately, found a ton. He has been reading nonstop (well, he slept) ever since.

Now we're off to see a friend!