the last one for March

I got some more thread this afternoon and finished this quilt using the grays and reds out of "A Walk in the Woods" line. While sewing on the last side of the binding, the needle FELL OUT. Bizarre. I reattached it, and then it did it again, and this time thread was wrapped all around the bobbin case. I had to open up the area under the sewing plate and found this mess:

This explained a lot. So after thirty minutes of spring cleaning, I moved on to finish the quilt. No surprise, the machine worked much better.

I wanted to take some pictures of it before dark, so I knew I could lay it on the grass and other places I don't usually with a freshly laundered quilt. And it will look a little smoother than my usual pictures because of it.


  1. Wow, you should get an award! =) LOL...that's quite the pile in your casing. Love your quilt though...those colors are just beautiful!

    1. Thank you. My son's comment when he saw all of the lint is that I could save it and use it as a firestarter!


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