the rest of the break (and a March quilt)

On Wednesday we went to a friend's house. Our kids are close enough in age that they will play together, and it was still warm enough to be outside that day.

We headed home in time for me to hand off the children to my sister for a sleep over at her house. So Thursday I went to work. I also officially ended the week one food fast for the 7 Experiment Bible study by Jen Hatmaker. Her seven foods were chicken, eggs, whole wheat bread, sweet potatoes, spinach, avocados, and apples. She suggested other options, and I eventually decided on chicken, eggs, fruit, vegetables, cheese, oatmeal, and Triscuits. A little less restrictive, but it still took a lot of work to stick to it. As I think I mentioned before, the hardest meal to keep to this was with dinner, because everyone was eating it. Breakfast was easy--either eggs and fruit or oatmeal and fruit. Even though I have finished this portion of the Bible study, I have still been using that menu as a guide since I was wanting to eat healthier anyway. I'm also trying to restrict any sweets (besides fruit) to the weekend.

The fast this week was clothes--choose 7 items and wear only those this week. That has been much easier, especially with spring break. It was like packing a suitcase (or a chair in my case) and picking out of it for the week. I'm not typically that adventurous with my clothes anyway. The next chapter is possessions, which includes lots of purging of STUFF, which I have already begun in prep for a May garage sale with my sister. It will just be more formalized starting Wednesday.

OK, back to the pictures. On Friday I finished the quilt for a baby shower for one of my friends. It's her first girl. It's a mix of fabrics I had on hand, some from that fat quarter bundle I bought at the quilt show, and the rest from who knows where.

I put flannel on the back, well, because I usually do for baby quilts.

Saturday I was home for most of the day except for a lunch date with my daughter at a friend's birthday party. With a real pony.

And today, after the Palm Sunday service, the baby shower:

My contribution for the shower

I started quilting a quilt that I had actually finished before the baby quilt, but ran out of bobbin thread and don't have enough thread to do more. 

So that will wait for later this week, as well the quilt I am sewing into rows. The top three are sewn together, and the bottom three are still in blocks. It will be an April quilt, unless it gets bumped by a birthday quilt I need to work on that month.

And that was spring break. I did also do some cleaning, moved three sets of blinds from my work room to my bedroom (it is a hard project in this old house), painted a little table, then rearranged my bedroom back to how it used to me (making my table color choice wrong), relocated the little table to the workroom and cleaned out the bin that had to go because a table was now there. It was holding fabric that is not quilt type fabric and all of that is now in a drawer or in a pile for the garage sale, with a lot of other things I get to sort through this week. It is probably good that I go to work tomorrow so I can rest a bit.