the weekend and a March doll quilt

This weekend was a bit dreary here, but it was also a slow weekend. That makes up for a lot.

Toward the end of the week, I noticed that our gerbil seemed ill. My son got this gerbil in kindergarten, and he is now in fourth grade, so the gerbil was quite elderly by gerbil standards. He now SEEMED elderly. His eyes struggled to open. He struggled to move around and breathe. I tried to get him some water from my finger since he didn't see to be drinking any. He even just stood there while we tried to pet him. That was super unusual. Saturday morning (or sometime Friday night) he finally passed away. We buried him out back in our pet cemetery. He got a rock grave marker.

Later that day we went to a soccer game. Really we just went to a public shower though because a down pour blew through as the boys were warming up. The soccer crew cleared the fields when it started thundering, and and the coaches decided that it would be better to just reschedule. The fields were a muddy mess.

Somewhere in there I finished up a doll quilt out of some of the fabric from a previous quilt. It is only 16" x 20" so it could be used as a doll quilt or a wall hanging.

It is for sale in my etsy shop. I have also put a few of the quilts there on sale to try to clear out a bit more space in my sewing room, so take a look if you haven't in awhile. As always, local sales don't need to pay shipping.

On Sunday, my daughter and I went to a gymnastics meet. We met one of her friends there. Neither one of us could stay long, but it was really long enough for the two girls. They are squirmy.

Not sure what they were watching here. This was one of the few pictures of had of them that wasn't just a blur.

That's about it for the weekend, except church. Don't usually take pictures there. My son went to a birthday party after the gymastics meet (the reason we didn't stay long) but I stayed home with my daughter for "girls day." We watched Snow White and at a bit of chocolate cake.

That's all for now, and apparently I need to get off of here for a download to proceed? It's a bit stuck. I'm working through the 7 Bible study by Jen Hatmaker on my own, using the $2.99 video downloads. If you are looking for one, I recommend it. But read a book while it downloads instead of making a blog post.