a Norman weekend

Our weekend began with To Norman with Love, an annual day of service for our church and others in our city. This is the 4th year of the event.

  Our community minister hall of fame photo. I have worked for all three of them!

My group worked at Mary Abbott Children's House again this year. It is our 3rd year there, and is a great site for families to participate together. We did some yard work. Because they had less for us to do this year, we also had a group make cards for our local elementary school teachers and staff. It is the school we have partnered with for Kids Hope USA, as well as the school my children attend.

 She looks like a supervisor with that cup of "coffee" (it was worms).

My in-laws came over at lunch time. We ate a quick lunch and then headed out for the first of two soccer games.

He got to play all over the field in that game, and even scored a goal.

On Sunday we went to church. Our pastor started a series on the ten commandments--maybe a 10 part one? He started with the first one-You shall have no other gods before me. In Sunday School we had just ended our Sunday of 1 John, which ends with the verse "Dear children, keep yourself from idols." As my husband and I talked about this, I remembered that the 7 Experiment Bible study I am working through hits on this too. Those seven fasts are seven areas of idols in our American culture: clothes, spending, waste, food, possessions, media, and stress. There are others. These are the ones Jen Hatmaker chose to tackle. As I work through each of the short fasts, minimal as they may be, I can see how much I lean on these when I should be leaning on Him. It is not clear cut--media feeds the monster of clothes, spending, and food for sure, even the seemingly innocuous blogs or instagram feeds I check. I catch people, and sometimes myself, asking someone "where did you get that cup ... that skirt on your daughter ..." or just find myself wanting to head over to the store to buy those supplies for that project they just did, one that I will not have time to do until summer if then. And that doesn't even include the more obvious blog sponsors. Tomorrow I start the chapter on "waste." Again, all of these influence the others.

Sunday afternoon we had one more soccer game, another easier one for them. My son scored three goals (he is typically a defender), and even got to play keeper!

So thankful for the warmer weather and sunshine to start greening up these trees. Of course, right now it is freezing outside and little ice pellets are blowing off the trees. But that is today, not the weekend.