Last night I found out my son who loves to draw couldn't find anything to put into his school art fair. That he was stuck--couldn't even draw anything he liked. After he went to bed I grabbed the Art Lab book I got him for Christmas and thumbed through it.

I remembered that we had plans to go to the Festival of the Arts on Friday, since they are both out of school and they love it.

So last night I decided that this week is art week. I set up three stations (piles of supplies, really) this morning to take outside after school. It was a little windy as usual so I decided our front porch would be better and easier than our back upstairs deck.

He started with scribble drawing.

She headed for the bin of paints to do little paintings on wood. And squirt out lots of paint all over the place.

I started with the free drawing station, which was a collection of two feathers and and apple. I chose a big feather and did a contour drawing. My daughter finished her painting and came to work with me.

 Her feather turned into the whole bird.

My feather.
 My painting on wood--rainbow wood grain.
My daughter painted "mom" on it later.

He kept working and working and finished up this great bear. From a scribble!

She did two scribbles. This one ended up painted completely purple. The whole sheet of paper. She understood better on her second one and turned it into a frog. I don't have a picture.
This is mine:
This was mine mid-process. I called it the very hungry birderfly. Probably should have deviated from the scribble a bit for the details, like Isaac did.

Tomorrow I plan to have two stations (to give them room to work away from each other if needed) inside to avoid the weather. One will be watercolors, maybe with some salt thrown in, and the other will be still life flowers with chalk pastels. It went surprisingly well today, so I am hopeful that I will be able to keep it up all week!